No rest for the artist

Things got crazy busy a couple of weeks before Christmas. Of course all of us have the same problem during the holidays but for those of us who create I think the holidays can be extra busy due to commissions and sales. Not that I don’t deeply appreciate everyone who bought a print or commissioned a piece, because I do! I really, really do! Thanks to everyone!

Now I’m trying to get back on track with some projects I started before the holidays. One is ink and one is a final drawing before taking it to the painting phase. Vastly different pieces but both really fun to work on.

chow wip mad mask wip

Prints For Sale

I still have some prints available if anyone else is interested.  All are 8 x 10 on archival paper in a protective plastic sleeve.  Send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

arte for sale


The Work Thing

So I’ve really been focused on work lately. I started teaching painting for Grumbacher. For those of you not familiar with the company they make art supplies, mostly paint and brushes but evidently they now are a conglomerate and own other art supply manufacturing companies as well.

It’s a pretty good deal on the surface, I make my own schedule and get 90% of tuition fee and I get free paint and supplies from them as long as I’m teaching classes.

The downside is that when only one person signs up for a class, the pay isn’t stellar considering that I have to plan the lesson and do a significant amount of painting beforehand. I also found out after the fact that I have to market the class to get students. Seriously folks, if I was any good at marketing I would be living the good life doing covers for Time and Simon & Schuster. I have also discovered that they might require me to do “free classes” where there is no tuition fee, you know, to promote the classes. I have not been instructed to do this as of yet but considering that I normally get paid a portion of the tuition and there is no tuition for free classes, I bet you can see where I’m going with this.

There are other issues with this job that I won’t go into but right now I’m feeling a little put out about it. It’s a part time job, never meant to be anything but a way to put a little extra cash in my pocket but still I hate feeling taken advantage of and I’m felling that a little, just around the edges but yeah.

This was my first “still life” demo, lesson.

1st demo


So many things going on lately, I just can’t seem to keep up. I only managed to get one Inktober drawing done before I suddenly had several other things screaming for my attention. Hopefully things are starting to calm down now  and I can really get back to posting here.

My motto for the future, breathe.



October 1st

And so it begins. Of course this year it begins with a broken computer which means no scanner. My phone will be doing extra duty this month. #inktober

Inktober 1st

Halo Dog

Pen with color wash.

halo dog001

Dressing Up Pugs

I’ve noticed that people really like dressing up their dogs, especially pugs. I’m not someone who would do that and I know my 40 pound dog wouldn’t let me but I admit that sometimes they look cute if miserable. This is my version of a pug in a bunny hat.

Micron pen with a bit of color wash.

sm pug