October 1st

And so it begins. Of course this year it begins with a broken computer which means no scanner. My phone will be doing extra duty this month. #inktober

Inktober 1st

Halo Dog

Pen with color wash.

halo dog001

Dressing Up Pugs

I’ve noticed that people really like dressing up their dogs, especially pugs. I’m not someone who would do that and I know my 40 pound dog wouldn’t let me but I admit that sometimes they look cute if miserable. This is my version of a pug in a bunny hat.

Micron pen with a bit of color wash.

sm pug



A sketchbook drawing for the June  INKed theme, Monarch. I guess I needed to double my monarch fun.


Dog Ink

I’ve been inking some dogs lately.

Micron pen on bristol paper.


Some Ink

Playing with some ink and old school nib dip pens for this one. I gotta say that though I enjoy the feel of working with these pens I absolutely hate that I have to clean them so often while I’m working. Really messes with my working flow.


Mountain Poids and questions.

I’ve been lax with the entries lately.  Too much going on, colds, family visits, and of course what seems to be the yearly crisis of art. Nothing new really, just the questioning of direction that I can’t seem to get away from. But here’s something fun from the sketchbook.

Mountain poid001