Some Ink

Playing with some ink and old school nib dip pens for this one. I gotta say that though I enjoy the feel of working with these pens I absolutely hate that I have to clean them so often while I’m working. Really messes with my working flow.


Mountain Poids and questions.

I’ve been lax with the entries lately.  Too much going on, colds, family visits, and of course what seems to be the yearly crisis of art. Nothing new really, just the questioning of direction that I can’t seem to get away from. But here’s something fun from the sketchbook.

Mountain poid001


Playing around with ink and watercolor.


The Basics

No matter what direction my art takes,  I love life drawing.  Had the opportunity to do some recently.

life drawing001


Introvert vs Marketing

Almost everything I read about art lately seems to be about marketing art rather than about making art. I get that in order to survive as an artist of any kind you need to market yourself, and I want to do that but as an introvert I have a hard time with being “out there” and tooting my own horn so to speak. I feel like marketing should be a polite exchange going something like this, I put my art in front of you, you reply back in some manner and maybe tell others about my work, if you like it that is, while I move on to show it to someone else.   I know, fantasy world scenario. In fact it seems that what we need to do is to join every social medium platform out there and everyday post 8 or 10 times about our work on each one, while promoting everyone else’s work  in hopes that they reciprocate by promoting yours. So when do I actually make the art that I’m supposed to be promoting?

Honestly the whole thing gives me a headache.

Oh and here’s a promotional link to my work on Society6 where you can get free shipping on anything you buy until March 8th.


Ninja cactoid

Another from my sketchbook. For some reason I felt the need to give this poid a sword.


The New Damnation Kane


Looking forward to doing these book covers! Almost done with the first cover hopefully, barring any serious problems.

Originally posted on The Adventures of Damnation Kane:

Greetings, any and all.

I have news, at long last.

I am writing new chapters in The Adventures of Damnation Kane. And this time, I’m not going to stop until the story is done. The way I have it figured, the story is about halfway to the end, though there is certainly a lot of leeway there, a whole broad spectrum of things that could happen to lengthen that, or perhaps shorten it. Though knowing me, it’s lengthen.

And here’s the twist: the Adventures of Damnation Kane will now be published as e-books. Through, a wonderful site that allows authors to make their work easily available to any and all, they will be made available through all of the most popular e-reader sites — as well as itself.

I am working on formatting the first 60 chapters, which will become about 6 e-books; and I am also…

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